Selecting a Law Firm in Malaysia

There are numerous law firms around the country. But to address most pressing legal issues of the highest importance, you require only the finest corporate law firms in Malaysia. So how can you tell which among them is the finest? To save you from all the hassle of seeking the appropriate legal help, have gathered the topmost of the names in this article below. Shortlisted firms are listed with their links and contact details at the end of this article.

The first in the long line of law firm in Malaysia is the Cameron & Crawford law firm in Malaysia. Founded by two men – John Cameron and Alfred Crawford, this firm has served clients across the globe since 1963. It has offices in Sydney, New York and Singapore. Its law firm in Malaysia is headed by Associate Attorney General Terence E. O’Brien.

The second in line is the Berndt & Winkelmann law firm in Malaysia. This firm was established by Managing Partner Menvircek S. Noh. It is notable for its award winning performance. In the field of law, it is known to be an outstanding achievement in the sphere of civil law. Berndt & Winkelmann law firm in Malaysia is headed by Managerial Team R. K. Wee. The firm has branches in major cities including Kuala Lumpur, Kepulan, Petaling Jaya and Putra Jaer, outside of Malaysia.

The third in line is the law firm in Malaysia belonging toonal Attorney General, S. H. Sanjid, who is a former judge of the High Court of Appeal. The law firm has offices in Putra Hills, Jalan Bintang and Shah Alam, outside of Malaysia. The majority of its practitioners are from the legal profession.

The fourth law firm in Malaysia is the Gibson & Wood law firm in Malaysia. It is also situated in Putra Hills, with offices in Ringsfield and Southbank. Its practitioners are known for their expertise in handling complex litigation cases. Gibson & Wood law firm in Malaysia is currently undertaking development projects at Ringstocket, Perhentia and Cameron Islands. Its project entails the conversion of an existing warehouse into a 3-D model of Malaysia’s national emblem. The firm also handles other commercial law matters pertaining to warehouses and factories.

The fifth law firm in Malaysia is the International Securities Litigation Services (ISL) in Serang, under the management of Mr. Zulkut Wee. ISL is a member of the Association of Personal Injury Attorneys (AIPA). A major branch of ISL is the ISegal law firm in Kuala Lumpur. A major function of ISegal is the defense of ISL cases before the tribunal. It is not surprising that many corporate personalities prefer to work with this law firm.

Other prominent law firms are the Putra Lee & Associates, the Garces Benchlaw, the National Development Commission (NDC) and the Barris & National Law Association. These firms are located in Putra Hills, Jalan Bukit Suthat and Berberi. All these firms have their own websites. Many offer free consultations. They can be consulted by people who have recently faced mishaps in the area under their jurisdiction. Such clients can get the services of these law firms and obtain financial settlements from their respective negligent parties.

The need for law firms is increasing. The increase in crimes like theft, fraud and homicide has resulted in a shortage of adequately experienced lawyers. This is resulting in loss of income and reputation to the victims. Law firms are the answer to such a problem. They can be utilized to prevent crime and to provide compensation for those who have suffered losses as a result of such incidents.