What Makes a Commercial Kitchen?

Why Is a Commercial Kitchen?

Commercial kitchen equipment Malaysia contains cooking stations and equipment that is appropriate to control the stations. The type of cuisine presented the preparation and disposition techniques of the restaurant’s head chef, as well as by the eatery, affirm the variety of the stations as well as the chief focus within a commercial kitchen. The physical size of the restaurant can also be taken into consideration when the sort of appliances and commercial gear are picked for the kitchen. Commercial kitchens typically consist of large amount spaces than traditional residential kitchens.


The cuisine offered in a restaurant decides the number as well as sort of cuisine positions and food preparation. Version stations include baking, catering and grill. Each station offers the room and equipment and serving dishes to ready the menu offerings. From raw materials to plating, the station has everything for the cook. Eateries incorporate schooling classes additionally attribute stations for cooking instruction mirrors in excess of the teaching station place for the trainer.

Equipment Choice

A commercial kitchen is able to easily identified by its gear. Residential gear is n’t designed to deal with large-scale food preparation and requires continual replacing. Commercial kitchens use sturdy equipment designed particularly for mass food production that also comprises security alternative not frequently rarely found on equipment designed for residential use, including safety shields and finger guards.

Kitchen Layout Design

The kitchen layout for commercial preparation and residential kitchen layout fashion differ. By mandating motion patterns within the kitchen that allow a free stream of traffic along with purposeful spaces between heated surfaces state, county and local codes shield kitchen staff from injury. An associate well- ordered commercial kitchen layout as well requires added electric and natural gas outlets at each station; floor drains close to sinks and water supplies; and multiple sinks for hand washing, food preparation and utensil cleaning. Multiple refrigeration components cool stored foods to exact temperatures.

Safety Conditions

Safety is precariously considered in commercial kitchens. Airing out rules mandate exhaust fans over cook tops and mechanical fire repression systems controlled by sensors. Nonslip flooring in your community of potentially damp places and padded flooring in places where employees stand for lengthy intervals, including near sinks and cooktops, are commonplace in a commercial kitchen.

Health Code Requirements

Commercial kitchens must meet health code require for all groundwork operations and food storage. Dishwashers be required to warm to a set temperature and refrigerators should cool adequately to keep from disease and illness. Health code needs, in addition, control the kind and style of garbage and losing in commercial kitchens. Wellness inspectors use thermometers and test equipment.